S1E20 - Maskerade

We return to publication order with Maskerade, a Witch-ful sendup of Andrew Lloyd Weber. Parts of it are fun!

2 years ago

Maskerade! Every face a different shade... after reading Nanny Ogg's new cookbook, that is. Seeking unpaid royalties (and a young witch to replace newly married Magrat), Nanny and Granny head to Ankh-Morpork. They experience Culture, commit shenanigans, and consider questions of morality.

Meanwhile, when Sir Terry isn't making her the butt of every single fat joke he can think of, Agnes Nitt has a journey of self-exploration, feeling the twin pull of the life she wants as Perdita X Nitt, famous opera singer, and the life she knows as Agnes the witch-in-potentia.

Because this is vaguely Phantom of the Opera (actually a little less than we thought woops), we invited our good friend Coast to join us (noted Phantom expert and Locked Tomb fanatic). Coast is a person who gets excited about things on the internet. Sometimes fan-artist/writer/long-winded babbler. Can be found @coasterchild on Twitter.

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