New Podcast: The Babylon Podject

Justen made the horrible mistake of livetweeting their first watchthrough of Babylon 5 where their friends could see. Ana and Jude summoned poor Zathras to the council chamber to edit the audio as the three friends watch (or rewatch) this classic 1990s JMS science fiction epic. No, you're not stuck in a time vortex, this is the Babylon Podject. Full episodes start January 26.

3 years ago

Connect with the show at @babylonpodject and at

Justen can be found at @justenwrites

Ana can be found at @The_Mianaai

Both Ana and Justen can also be found on The Compleat Discography, a Discworld re-read podcast.

Jude Vais can be found at @eremiticjude. His other work can be found at Athrabeth - a Tolkien Podcast and at Garbage of the Five Rings.

"The Voice" of the Babylon Podject is provided by Alyson Grauer, who can be found at @dreamstobecome

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Music attribution:

The Curtain Rises by Kevin MacLeod

The Descent by Kevin MacLeod

This show is edited and produced by Aaron Olson, who can be found at @urizenxvii

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