S1E10 - ~Faust~ Eric

We talk about a few things we like, some stuff that has aged like fine milk, and then headcanon like... five or six different better books? Also a brief discussion on Rincewind and Death's overlapping sexualities, and Justen shows off their lit chops a few times.

3 years ago

Weeelllll this book's problematic section isn't quite as long as Pyramids but there's a Mesoamerican parody that stuck out like a sore thumb. This book wants to be a few different things and doesn't quite do any of them--it's mostly "bad things happen near Rincewind" and historical/literary jokes. No invisible dragons, despite already being Discworld canon, and no Pope-bothering.

On the plus side, there is a high percentage of the book taken up by the Luggage being a good good boy.

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