S1E9 - Guards! Guards!

Here we are--the first introduction to Sam and Sybil, Carrot, Colon, and Nobby. Vetinari is much more Vetinari-y. This is the entry point to Discworld for a LOT of fans, and it deserves every bit of praise.

3 years ago

Arguably the most famous of the Discworld plot threads, the Guards novels start with this story. Destiny, Dragons, Politics, Gender Roles and Subversions Thereof, and at least a few of Sam's ruminations on inequality and power. If Death is Sir Terry's authorial self-insert, Sam Vimes is Sir Terry's moral self-insert. If you love noir, urban fantasy, high fantasy, cults, or surprisingly relevant political satire, you will find something to like in this book. Just don't ask for your figgin to be toasted.

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